Property Leasing Support



A prospective tenant wishing to take space in a commercial building is usually required to submit a technical and aesthetic proposal for review to the landlords. We can take that task off your hands and undertake reviews on tenant proposals from an aesthetic and compliancy viewpoint. ‘Wonderwo_men’ are on call and we will manage the process where all standards are adhered to whilst assisting the new incoming tenant with aesthetic and technical building information relating to that property. This service has a 24- 48 hour turn-around.

We are also well placed to develop a signage and tenant criteria control document specific to your property and assist incoming tenants with building and protocol information.


We offer a tenant lease layout service for various space options to assist with landlord negotiations with the potential tenant. The SAPOA (South Africa Property Owners Association) method of calculation of GLA (gross leasable areas) or areas based on the lease contract are the favoured methods of establishing a fair and impartial area for both the tenant and the landlord. Our blue bee response times depend on the size of the space, but will be between 8 hours and 3 days.


Move Management

Relocating of office premises? We can help make it a seamless painless experience.
From shunting everyone around, packing, sorting, furniture audits, the move and settling in. Just come back to the new offices on the Monday and sit down and work



Well we don't want anyone to see designer pink elephants in the room that is why we are clear and transparent with fees .They are based on the industry norm of a fixed percentage of the project value and will be static and transparent for the duration of the project. For schematic leasing support diagrams we offer competitive rates either on an hourly basis or a per square metre price.

On a more cost effective scenario, certain property owners prefer a reduced rate of a set monthly figure for service hours on schematic or abortive planning work. Schedule of rates available on request.